Electric Power

Electric Power Solutions

Based on big data analysis from PIE-SAR using high resolution or UAV images, PIESAT provides services to electric power industry, such as power grid monitoring, electric power line design, power line inspection with UAV, planning and management of new energy power plants, etc.



Power grid line+Micro-meteorology

The range of transmission line in the forecast is refined along the line forecast (3-5km), the forecast frequency can reach once an hour within 1 day, once 3 hours within 1 to 5 days and once a day within 7 to 15 days.


Real time automatic monitoring of wildfire

There are 6 satellite resources in total using static (H8, FY-4) + polar orbit (FR-3B, C, D; NPP). There are variety of data, so that the monitoring can reach a frequency of once in 10 minutes scale.


Comprehensive monitoring of transportation inspection corridor

Comprehensive monitoring of construction site, tree height, tower displacement, land subsidence, geological disaster, meteorological information, fire and other information in the transport inspection profile.


Rational planning for new energy resources

Climate data provides resource assessment for national and local wind and solar energy development planning, and supports the location, construction and power generation of wind farms and solar power station construction projects.