Disaster Reduction

Disaster Reduction Solutions

Relying on space/aviation remote sensing, Beidou Satellite positioning and navigation, short message, geographic information system and other space technologies, Piesat undertakes disaster collection and reporting, monitoring and assessment, decision-making and judgment, personnel emergency rescue, disaster relief material dispatching, emergency command as well as disaster information release. Orient to disaster mitigation fields such as civil affairs, land, water conservancy, agriculture, transportation, earthquake, meteorology, and oceans to provide top-level design of information system, application software development, satellite data services, etc.



The mature and reliable satellite remote sensing application service platform has the functions of data receiving management, automatic parallel prepossessing, customization of production line, production of thematic products, industrial application product distribution, etc.


Support the functions of direct reporting of disaster situation and real-time monitoring of national disaster situation for disaster management departments at the level of central Province (autonomous region) - City (prefecture) - County (district) - Township (town) - village.


Based on positioning technology, the disaster information collection and monitoring, disaster reporting, personnel emergency search and rescue, emergency rescue command and dispatching, and disaster reporting, verification and continuation client.


For the disaster mitigation fields, it has the top-level design ability of information system based on high-resolution remote sensing satellite.

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