Meteorology Solutions

Based on received multi-source data such as conventional meteorological observation data, meteorological satellite data, radar data and numerical prediction products, and according to the cutting-edge technologies such as quantitative inversion, machine learning, cloud computing, cloud storage, big data analysis, rapid cycle assimilation, virtual reality, etc., Piesat has developed meteorological satellites remote sensing monitoring and analysis platform, provincial satellite remote sensing application comprehensive service platform, Himawari-8 receiving, processing and application platform, meteorological big data cloud platform, two-dimensional and three-dimensional integrated visualization platform of meteorological and oceanography, high-resolution regional numerical model system, road traffic meteorological service, aviation meteorological service, climate communication and other core products. Facing the whole meteorological sector to provide top-level design of information system, software application research and development, data sharing services, etc. And also provide targeted and accurate meteorological forecast support services to road, aviation, logistics, agriculture and other industries.



Meteorological satellite monitoring and analysis

A mature and reliable satellite remote sensing application service platform has been built, which has the functions of multi-source heterogeneous remote sensing data receiving and management, automatic parallel pre-processing, strong convection weather, climate resources and ecological environment and other multi-topic monitoring and inversion products production, product customization and distribution.


Application of meteorological information

Based on the Pie-Stack platform independently developed by Piesat, through cloud computing and big data technology, the meteorological big data cloud platform is constructed, the data aggregation inside and outside the meteorological department is strengthened. Also, the data exchange, warehousing, processing and service processes are optimized, the platform, data and algorithm resources of the information system are opened. And based on the PIE-MAP, two-dimensional and three-dimensional visualization platform independently developed Piesat, the “cloud+platform” application and service mode realizes the full media display and release of conventional meteorological data, numerical forecast products, radar satellite data, climate resources and ecological environment special products on different terminals.


Meteorological mode and short-term forecast

The application platform of mesoscale numerical model and data assimilation is established, which has the ability to effectively assimilate conventional data, radar data and satellite data in the model. Based on machine learning, the post-processing of the model is carried out, and the short-term forecast is carried out by combining traditional extrapolation method and machine learning method, so as to effectively improve the forecast accuracy and accuracy of meteorological elements.


Meteorological service for industry

Based on Piesat's numerical model as well as short-term and temporary forecast results, and in-depth integration of road traffic, aviation, agriculture, energy, water conservancy and other fields of meteorological service industry demand, Piesat has carried out research and development aiming at meteorological element forecast model for industry application, and is able to provide customized intelligent meteorological service products with high spatial-temporal resolution and high precision for industry users and the public.