Marine Solutions

Relying on the advantages of space technology such as space/aviation RS, satellite positioning and navigation, and GIS, Piesat undertakes the projects of typical business application of satellite data in the South China Sea, as well as comprehensive application of high-resolution SAR marine environment, RS application platform, etc. Piesat also provides top-level design of information system, marine RS application, software development, data sharing and other services for the whole marine sector.



The mature and reliable satellite RS application service platform has the functions of data receiving management, automatic and parallel pre-processing, product line customization, special product production, industrial application product distribution, etc.


In view of the rapid growth of receiving data from ground satellite system, a cluster based CPU+GPU parallel processing system is developed to realize the parallel processing of massive ocean satellite data.


Based on data bus buffer, multi-modal marine data broadcasting and distribution technology provides unified interface access for application programs and data users, reduces the difficulty of users, and provides various modes of data subscription, notifications and broadcast functions.


Piesat uses big data cloud architecture technology platform to achieve marine information mining and sharing services, as well as the capability to process, store and access massive data from heterogeneous source and multi-source in high standards.


Possess the top-level design ability of ocean-oriented RS satellite and information system.


Based on the advanced ocean numerical prediction model and multi-source ocean data assimilation method, the numerical prediction of water level, SST, salinity, current, wave and storm value can be realized.