Agriculture Solutions

Relying on the advanced remote sensing observation and processing capabilities accumulated over the years, Piesat has established an engine applied for massive agricultural and remote sensing big data. Through high-dimensional information intelligent perception and big data mining technology, we provide full-service system customized for farmers, enterprises and agricultural management departments, such as agricultural production, agricultural information, agricultural management, agricultural data center, etc. Our solutions help to improve agricultural production efficiency and manage agricultural industrialization that can promote the upgrade of modern agriculture.



Intelligent mining and analysis capability of Multisource data for whole chain across pan-agricultural industry

Our solutions establish the logical association among the agricultural related data such as remote sensing image, meteorology, geographic information, soil quality, crop yield, insect pests, land ownership. The process data generated in the process of monitoring, management and service operation of each agricultural application system. Through data mining, dynamic evaluation, machine learning and other methods, we are able to establish the knowledge center of agricultural production in order to guide agricultural production and management as well as industrial services


Full coverage of mass satellite data acquisition and fast interpretation capability for high-precision image

Our solutions have a series of satellite historical data such as high resolution, resources, environment, wind and cloud, and full coverage satellite data acquisition capabilities. They have developed rapid deduction models such as crop growth monitoring, meteorological factor discrimination for disease and pest and crop yield estimation. We use agricultural RS monitoring and evaluation platform to realize rapid interpretation, providing crop distribution, area extraction, growth monitoring, yield evaluation, disease and pest evaluation for agricultural production hazard monitoring and other services.


Refined grid forecasting of agrometeorology and all-weather monitoring capability for agricultural disaster

The agricultural meteorological element prediction model is developed for the agricultural industry, which has the ability of accurate prediction for agricultural objective management in scale of hour by hour and kilometer by kilometer within the next 48 hours. It also has the ability of all-weather agricultural meteorological disaster monitoring, such as meteorological forecast and early warning, meteorological disaster prevention and mitigation as well as coping with climate change. Our solutions are able to meet the meteorological needs for agricultural sector accurately.


Development of agricultural remote sensing UAV and one-click rapid processing ability for image data

We have developed and produced advanced UAV series products. In order to satisfy the demand of agricultural production, multiple sensors (such as multi-spectral, near infrared, thermal infrared and red edge sensors) are carried to generate remote sensing images with high accuracy, timeliness and flexibility, process image data quickly with one click. They are capable of providing accurate timely feedback of monitoring results for agricultural production.