PIE (Pixel Information Expert)

flagship software

product of PIESAT for remote sensing image and data processing.


Scale-set image analysis software

PIE-SIAS is an advanced scale-set image analysis software independently developed by PIESAT. PIE-SIAS uses an object-oriented analyzing method and has made a qualitative leap in image information extraction. It has interpretation and analysis ability of whole process for multi-source remote sensing data, and is capable of performing functions including scale-set segmentation, manual sample selection, automatic sample selection, object-oriented classification, post-processing of image classification, semi-automatic interactive information extraction, thematic mapping, etc. PIE-SIAS has also been applied in multiple areas such as land industry, water conservancy, agriculture, forestry, environmental protection, etc.


  • Powerful multi-source data processing capability
  • Unique image segmentation function
  • Multiscale sample selection
  • Automatic sample selection
  • Intelligent interactive information extraction
  • Convenient post-processing function
  • Fast processing speed