PIE (Pixel Information Expert)

flagship software

product of PIESAT for remote sensing image and data processing.


Hyperspectral image processing software

PIE-Hyp is a hyperspectral image data processing software, which is capable of performing professional functions such as image quality evaluation & repairing, mapping analysis, radiometric correction, geometry correction, target detection, object classification, parameter inversion analysis. Through application of spectrum information query, analysis, management abilities provided by terrain spectrum database, PIE-Hyp is able to customize high-accuracy applications for water environment monitoring, fine classification of crop, discrimination for rock & minerals, providing comprehensive application solutions for environmental protection, precision agriculture, natural resources,etc.


  • Hyperspectral image enhancement processing based on harmonic analysis
  • Comprehensive terrain spectrum database
  • Rapid automatic production of hyperspectral image
  • Characteristic industry quantitative application expansion package
  • Abundant algorithms in object detection and terrain classification
  • Multidimensional repairing and quality evaluation & analysis system for hyperspectral image