Disaster and Emergency Reduction

According to statistics, from 1990 to 2013, varied natural disasters have brought damage to 300 million people every year and destroyed more than 3 million houses, which caused economic loss as more as 200 billion RMB. Thus it is emergent to reduce disasters.

Based on its 3s technologies including remote sensing, geographic information system and compass navigation, Beijing Piesat improve its ability to meet various emergency with disaster information as clues and plans as core and offers information-based guarantee to disaster and emergency reduction.

Features and advantages

1.Our company has plans for various disasters and will readjust these plans

According to the specific conditions. We coordinate with the government, enterprises and institutions, social organizations as well to meet all kinds of emergencies.

2.Wartime at ordinary times, make intelligent switch to between the two states

This system can be applied to both peacetime and wartime, and peacetime training. By using numerous non-disaster event information data or simulation and practice with all kinds of disasters, we achieve the effect of training. As a result, the system let each post familiar with and understand the emergency response to concrete and disposal process, the standard behavior and so on; Emergency during the war, once emergency occurs, the system immediately switch to state of war, and conduct management to the whole implementation process of emergency.

3.Our company takes use of SOA infrastructure

As long as we apply SOA infrastructure and abide by the standards of WS-BPEL, UDDI, consumers can get access to browsers and subscribe services and procedures. Our company chooses effective IT infrastructure and application system to help the government and enterprises work effectively and reduce their producing cost.

4.We take use of our products of independent property rights effectively and accurately

We makes full use of our PIE series products of independent property rights including PIE-UAV,PIE-Cloud, PIE-DXP,PIE-Geoimage, PIE-Integrator, PIE-Map and so on to make models and specific applications effectively and accurately based on customers’ need.

5.We apply creative technologies and takes uses of 3S technologies to relieve disasters and meet emergencies

China is one of the countries with widely separated various and serious natural disasters. Therefore, our company applies 3s technologies including remote sensing, geographic information system and compass navigation to receive and process information figures and then analyze and evaluate these figures. Until now those 3S technologies have been used in many fields including meteorology, ocean, territory, mapping, earthquake and civil administration and so on, which is powerful guarantee for scientific decisions.

Successive cases

Our company possesses integration of disaster relief satellite and software.

Our company possesses imitation software package of disaster features from satellite.

Our company possesses imitation software package to meet emergency.

Our company develops models to evacuate people and distribute emergency resources in case of severe disasters in cities.

Our company possesses integration and demonstration of emergency relief information ___ the “Eleventh Five Year” nationally supportive science and technology.

Our company develops disaster relief decision and long-distance cooperation technology___ the “Eleventh Five Year” nationally supportive science and technology.

Our company develops software of comprehensive evaluation of disaster risks in Asia___ the “Eleventh Five Year” nationally supportive science and technology.

Our company possesses requirements and recommendation of information-based projects of national disaster relief and management.

Our company designs initial application of satellite disaster relief for Sichuan province.

Our company integrates and builds predicting, monitoring and evaluating service of disasters.

Our company develops remote sensing technology aiming at house collapse based on group sampling.

Our company builds comprehensive disaster relief platform and integrates application demonstration.

Our company undertakes upgrading imitating projects of earthquake figures.

Our company develops software of regional flood analyzing.

Our company builds shared platform of emergency resources for Guiyang.

Our company builds emergency command platform for marine search and rescue for Harbor Water Bureau of Ministry of Transportation in Jiangsu province.

Our company builds information-based supplementary decision system for civil air defense command for Anhui province.

Our company plans road network management for Fujian province.

Our company builds governmental emergency platform for Jiangxi province.

Our company builds emergency command center for traffic monitoring of Xinjiang.

Our company builds emergency management platform of pipeline from Shanxi to Beijing of China National Petroleum Corporation.