Land Surveying and Mapping

At present, with the rapid development of national economy, the conflict between resources, ecological environment and social-economic sustainable development is becoming increasingly serious. Therefore, how to utilize resources, land resources in particular scientifically, reasonably and sustainably is the key to solve the conflict between resources, ecological environment and social-economic sustainable development. Land and resources and the surveying and mapping industry are indispensable basis to the national economic-social development. For they not only provide basic geographic information for land resource departments and other social industries, but also guarantee sustainable economic-social development.

As to the core needs to spatial information of land resources and the surveying and mapping sector, Piesat pays close attention to such key businesses as surveying and mapping, remote sensing image, the production of stereo mapping products, dynamic monitoring to land use by remote sensing, remote sensing investigate and monitoring to mineral resources development, survey and monitoring to ecological environmental, investigation and monitoring to geological disaster, consequently, Piesat has formed a set of solutions. And it has applied these solutions to the following units: the National Land and Resources Remote Sensing Center, the Ministry of Land and Resources; the Satellite Mapping andApplicationCenter , National Mapping Geographic Information Administration.

Features and advantages over its peer products

1.The application of multi-source remote sensing data

Along with our country’s the sustainable development to earth observation satellite service,, it is more easier for us have access to satellite data resource in our daily life. Especially the launching and application of domestic high-resolution satellites will effectively improve the efficiency of land use and change survey based on the high-resolution data, the dynamic monitoring to the land use, the remote sensing to mineral resources exploration, the investigation and monitoring to present mineral resources development, the investigation and monitoring to geological hazard. The access to Multi-source data, data storage management and system maintenance are the basis of multi-source remote sensing data application.

2.Powerful ability to data processing

The application of multi-source remote sensing data and the rapid development of computer hardware put forward higher requirements on data processing abilities: mass data storage, data processing, parallel computing, etc. At the same time, abundant and professional processing models of remote sensing data, compatible to various satellites, are required now.

3.Professional remote sensing and interpretation to geology

Aiming at such core industries as the mineral resources exploration, the investigation and monitoring to mineral resources, the investigation and monitoring to geological hazard, Piesat, under the help of the multi-temporal remote sensing image and data, digital elevation model and different geographical data, has researched on such key technologies as Information Extraction and Dynamic Monitoring. Thus, Piesat can make quickly classification, information extraction and change detection to the geological environment factors of mines, and also makes interactive interpretation and automatic detection to the illegal mining information. Besides, it can extract damage information, achieve dynamic monitoring and assessment to the geological disasters.

4.Timely product sharing

As an interaction service center for customers offering query and retrieval, sharing and distribution of data about relevant products, it can provide timely query and retrieval, data sharing and data distribution services of numerous data for internal users; At the same time, it can provide timely portal services, registration, high-resolution data query, data acquisition request and data distribution service for external users.

5.Efficient operation management mechanism

Operation management mainly refers to achieve efficient scheduling and monitoring to the whole business-flow, such as the data receiving, data processing, special production’s sharing and distribution and data storage, so as to achieve Collaborative Operation; meanwhile, it is also responsible for the monitoring to the whole system resources (hardware and software resources, network resources, computing resources, data resources).

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