Atmosphere and Marine

China is a great maritime power with vast sea area, long coastline and rich marine resources. Development of the marine industry is closely coupled with lasting stability, the peace of our society and sustainable development of our nation. It is our scared duty and strategic task for both workers and administrative departments of marine affairs to monitor ocean, forecast marine disasters, develop marine resources and protect marine sovereign rights and interests.

Relying on its rich experience on information construction of meteorological marine industry and advanced 3s technologies, including remote sensing, geographic information system and compass navigation, Beijing Piesat has undertook many key projects of national departments, such as China Meteorological Administration, National Bureau of Oceanography as well as meteorological and oceanographic field of the army. The company is able to analyze weather forecast, handle and deal with satellite data and insert information and share service.

Features and advantages

1.Enormous Satellite Data Parallelization Processing

The satellite-ground system is receiving more and more data. Faced with such a condition, our company has developed new technology of parallelization handling(CPU+GPU) based on swarm, which realize parallelization handling of enormous satellite data.

At present, the mixed isomer computer based on CPU-GPU works well and gradually plays a core role in high-performance computers. As for the OpenMP, it is carried out single node most definitely. At the same time, it can also distribute whole business on multinode computers and make use of MPI to deal with it. As for those businesses on intensive computers and with low I/O, we choose GPU to deal with them.

2.Short-term Integrated Weather Forecasting Platform

Aiming at GRAPES, European center, WRF and MM5, our company cooperates with specialized institutions to develop integrated weather forecasting and numerical forecasting technologies which obviously improve forecasting accuracy.

Integrated weather forecast in short term is based on satellite data broadcasting system, receives figures and combines with information from observing stations to improve the accuracy of meteorological phenomena through dynamic statistics and artificial intelligence.

3.Multi-mode Meteorological & Hydrological Data Broadcasting and Distribution

Generally, meteorological and hydrological data is in multi-forms and of great amount, facing such situation, our company has developed broadcast and distribution technology of multimodal meteorological and hydrological data based on data bus. By offering centralized data access for applications and data subscribers, we effectively avoid varied protocols and difficulties in data acquisition and offer services including subscribing, pushing and broadcasting of data through diversified transmission modes (satellite broadcasting, ground broadband network and Ku band transmission), which makes it easier for consumers to apply it.

4.Big Data & Cloud Infrastructure Based Meteorological & Ocean Information Sharing System.

Our company applies the technology of a wide range of figures and cloud infrastructure to offer shared service of meteorological information:

Our company realizes figure service by integrating figure resources and setting up service which can adjust to figure transmission and visiting.

Our company realizes centralized and distributed storing of information and designing different storing and visiting strategies according to structured, unstructured and semi-structured data.

Our company combines distributed and high-performance calculation.

Our company transforms algorithm and common service to set up, SOA service mode based on cloud infrastructure.

Our company offers service to inquire on line information immediately.

Our company takes effective and practical data mining and statistical analysis aiming at history data.

Successive cases

1.Application of weather forecasting

Integrated broadcast of weather in short term.

Regional predicting system of weather in short term.

Our company produces productions to show weather factors.

Our company applies simulation system of war weather environment.

2.Meteorological & Ocean Satellite Ground Application System Construction

Our company possesses the Fengyun-3 meteorological satellite system of monitoring and analyzing.

Our company possesses the Fengyun-2 meteorological satellite system of weather quality analyzing.

Our company possesses spaceborn radar software of measuring precipitation.

Our company possesses inversion analyzing system of atmosphere dust.

Our company possesses long sequence standardized handling software of NOAA satellite data.

Our company possesses tackling system of special meteorological application.

Our company possesses making system of multi power environment predicting.

Our company possesses analyzing system of some certain meteorological satellite.

Our company develops three-dimensional monitoring technology of dynamic environment in deep water area in the South China Sea.

Our company develops visualization software of targets on sea.

Our company possesses HY-2 prototype system of figures dealing.

Our company possesses HY-2 subsystem of figure management.

Our company possesses unmanned aerial vehicle of the third institution of National Bureau of Oceanography.

Our company has established remote sensing application platform in Hebei province.

Our company plans islands according to figures acquired by remote sensing.

3.Meteorological and Hydrological Data Sharing Service

Broadcast and distribute system of meteorological and hydrological data.

Congested system of meteorological and hydrological data( cross network transmission software)

4.Consultation and Design.

Our company‘s initial design of ground application system of second Fengyun-3 meteorological satellite.

Our company’s designs initial ground application system of Haiyang-2 satellite.