Company Profile

A high-tech enterprise specializing in research

and application of remote sensing satellite technology.

software series

PIESAT developed PIE (Pixel Information Expert) software series with complete independent intellectual property rights for multiple industries

comprehensive solutions

Provide comprehensive solutions of spatial information applications such as software products, system design and development, data analysis application services

Typical clients

government sectors, enterprises, colleges and universities, research institutions

listed company

The only remote sensing application enterprise among the first batch of listed enterprises of sci-tech innovation board, went public in July 2019

Team Construction


Headquarter in Hongkong, 32 subsidiaries


4 research and development centers in Xi’an, Chengdu, Nanjing, Wuhan


Research institute in Beijing


Over 1300 employees, and technicians account for over 80%


More than 60 doctors and 400 masters


Over 60 leading talents in relative industries

Certifications and Intellectual Properties

  • ISO9001 quality system certification
  • CMMI level 3
  • System integration qualification level 2
  • Class-A surveying and mapping qualification
  • Over 100 software copyrights and invention patents in fields of remote sensing image processing software, geographic information system software, 3D visualization platform of spatial information and so on

Business Scope

Remote Sensing Application

remote sensing software development, remote sensing technology research, industrial application of remote sensing, remote sensing service dilivering, ...

Agriculture Application

field monitoring, precision agriculture management, yield forecast, disaster control, ...

Forestry Application

forest resource monitoring, wetland resource monitoring, forest disaster monitoring, desertification monitoring, ...

Water Conservancy Application

water resource monitoring, flood and drought control, soil and water conservation, ...

Land Resource Application

land and resource survey, macroscopic monitoring, all-weather monitoring, ...

Environmental Protection Application

air quality monitoring, soil environment monitoring, solid waste monitoring, ecosystem assessment, ...

Meteorologcial Application

meteorological monitoring, meteorological precise forecast, meteorological big data analysis, meteorological data visualization, ...

Marine Application

dynamic environment monitoring, ecological environment monitoring, disaster monitoring, ...

Consulting Service

satellite engineering, ground reception, ground-based application, industry application, ...

Visions and Commitments

Customization of satellite application software
Industrialization of professional application
Commercialization of applicational services