Product Introduction

PIE-Map, developed by Beijing PIESAT Information Technology Company, is a comprehensive development platform integrating the map navigation and traditional GIS functions, which provides map navigation secondary development components, navigation cloud services and integrating solutions for the government, army, enterprises and other clients. The platform is used in several industries, such as water conservancy, forestry, meteorology industry, land resources, agriculture, military, civil affairs and so on, and it solves the difficult issue that how to combine the map navigation technology with actual business, which means the platform not only provides deep customized map navigation products, data, integrations of software and hardware but also provides maintainable, continuously updated integrating solutions for the clients.

Product System

  • PIE-Map development components for Desktop
    ·  PIE-Map for C#
    ·  PIE-Map for C++
  • PIE-Map development components for Android
  • PIE-Map development components for WebGL
  • PIE-Map data processing software
  • PIE-Map cloud service components
    ·  PIE-Map SCM service
    ·  PIE-Map cloud publishing service
    ·  PIE-Map web API service
    ·  PIE-Map CFS cloud storage service
    ·  PIE-Map cloud push service
    ·  PIE-Stack virtual cloud computing platform

Product Functions

Data Management

·  Map configuration·  Data projection transformation

·  Data format transformation·  Data clipping

·  Tile data production·  Navigation data compilation

·  Oblique photography data processing·  3D model data production

2D/3D Rendering

·  2D map display·  3D map display

·  Layers management·  Objects edit

·  Natural environment simulation·  Oblique photography model display

·  Thematic map display·  3D flyover

Query Analysis

·  Distance measurement·  Area measurement

·  Elevation measurement·  Surface analysis

·  Inter-visibility analysis·  Flood inundation analysis

·  soil volume analysis·  Buffer area analysis

·  Spatial query·  Attribute query

Beidou Navigation

·  Route analysis·  Path navigation

·  POI query·  Short message communication

Extensive plugin

·  posture and situation display plugin·  outline map plot plugin

·  meteorological and oceanographic visualization plugin

Cloud Service

·  resource virtual cloud platform·  Cloud push service

·  Cloud storage service·  Map issue service

·  GIS API service

Application cases

Based and focused on the internet of things and Beidou+ pattern, PIE-Map provides the integrating solutions, which are covering service centers, desktops and mobile terminals and combining Beidou applications with traditional industries to promote the development of the industry, by using the technologies of satellite navigation, 3S, big data fusion processing, information communication and cloud computation. PIE-Map applications have been used in various fields, such as water conservancy, forestry, meteorology industry, land resources, agriculture, military, civil affairs and so on.

Position and patrol monitoring system

The system is installed on vehicles or handheld terminals. Based on the Beidou satellite signal, it has realized the functions of position monitoring, position sharing and message communication. Based on route network data, it has realized the functions of route planning and navigation. Besides these, it also has the functions of information collection and reporting, terrain analysis, query statistics and so on.

Numerical marine environment forecast system

Based on the numerical marine environment forecast service, the system receives the high-resolution global numerical marine forecast data and displays the marine environment elements, such as ocean current, sea surface temperature, significant wave height and wind field, in 2D/3D geographic environment.

Water affairs mobile patrol and monitoring early-warning system

Around the businesses of investigation appraisal, mobile patrol and flood risk map, the system has realized the functions of scene information collection, information management, information presentation, data mining, information release, route navigation, information exchange, emergency rescue and so on.

Forest management and protection system

Based on the forest spatial data, the system has realized the functions of forest management and protection, forest resources survey, forest diseases and pests survey, forest fire prevention and so on.

SG smart tourism system

Focused on the abundant tourism resources, the system has realized the functions of tourism information query, location and navigation, self-assist guide, tickets booking, hotel reservation and so on.