Product Overview

PIE(Pixel Information Expert) is one of twin flagship software products of PIESAT for analyzing remote sensing image and data, it provides not only the comprehensive functions for processing the multi-modal remote sensing data (optical, radar, hyperspectral and Lidar etc.), but also applies the cutting edge techniques of information extraction and AI to present a highly automated and user friendly platform for remote sensing engineering applications.

Product Architecture

Product Features

  • Developed independently and own full proprietary intellectual property rights.
  • Support for Chinese satellite data loading, preprocessing and information extraction excellently, including GF1/2, ZY3, ZY1-02C, HJ-1A/1B, FY1-4, HY1/2, etc.
  • Integrated RS&GIS into engineering application platform to provide intact solutions from data processing to thematic products production.
  • Support for multi-language wizard extended development, such as C++, C# etc.
  • Supports major operating systems, such as Windows, Linux etc.

Product Overview

High Efficiency and Accuracy in Optical Mapping & Preprocessing

·  Radiometric Correction function
·  Image matching function
·  Image fusion function
·  Image mosaic function
·  Supports free net, control net, 3D net etc. regional adjustment algorithm;
·  Supports multi-view, multi-strategy and multi-precision matching, to improve the matching accuracy and speed, automatically DSM/DEM generating;

Strong Ability in Information Extraction & Interpretation

·  Supports fast reading and drawing of multiple source data, using multithreading, multi-type multistage cache, OpenGL hardware accelerated rendering multiple optimization techniques, to achieve big fast loading and data display, stepless zoom, seamless roaming;
·  In the interpretation of interpretation process focus on man-machine harmony, fully integrated with automatic extraction of information and artificial investigation of two kinds of interpretation mode;
·  supports multi-node collaborative interpretation, to improve interpretation efficiency;
·  Supports the fusion interpretation of multi-source data, to realize the spatial fusion and information fusion of multi-source remote sensing data, and to improve the accuracy of target detection and identification
·  In the analysis of the results of the application, give full play to spatial information comprehensive statistics, query, measurement, visual analysis, template-based intelligent mapping and report output capabilities for the quick access to interpretation of the results to provide support.

RS-GIS united integration system ability

·  Supports abundant and professional image processing and GIS spatial analysis function, can accomplish remote sensing processing and GIS analysis in the same platform.
·  Provides the second development port of remote sensing and GIS processing function, to reform a new RS-GIS united integration system.
·  Provides abundant industry symbol library, and supports rapid symbol extending.

Cluster parallel processing ability

·  With parallel computing capabilities to support multi-CPU, CPU multi-core and multi-GPU parallel processing and distributed processing, processable custom production line, to achieve massive image data efficient processing;
·  Optimize job assignment using load balancing technology, 100% utilizes the processing power of all compute nodes to maximize the efficiency of all processing computers in the cluster, effectively preventing the computer from overloading or idling.
·  The cluster parallel processing technology is designed to fully consider the adaptability of the cloud environment, and can be directly deployed to the cloud application without any modification.

Convenient secondary development wizard

·  SDK using“Microcore+plug-in” type framework development, by following the astride platform standard C++, can be deployed in Windows, Linux and Kylin etc. operation system
·  Provide a variety of forms of API, available C++, C #, Python, Lua and other language development
·  Provide secondary development wizard, can quickly encapsulate Matlab, IDL, Fortran etc. languages to write the algorithm to build remote sensing application solutions.

Application Features


·  Land Surface Water Monitoring
·  Irrigation Area Monitoring

Disaster Management

·  Disaster Monitoring,such as Flood,Drought,Landslides,Debris Flow,Fire...
·  Disaster Assessment,such as Damaged Roads,Crumbling Houses,Sedimentation Points...


·  Ocean Color Monitoring
·  Ocean Dynamic EnvironmentMonitoring
·  Oil Spill Monitoring
·  Watercraft Detection


·  PM2.5/NOx/SOxMonitoring
·  Water Environment Monitoring


·  Crop Monitoring,such as Area,Growth,and Yield Estimation.
·  Plant Disaster,Cold,Diseases...

Land Use

·  Land Use/Land Cover Monitoring.
·  Land Use/Land Cover Monitoring&Changing Detection.