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PIE Remote Sensing Image Processing Software

Beijing Piesat Information technology Co., Ltd (namely “Piesat”) founded in 2008 is a high-tech enterprise that specializes in the research and application of satellite technology (Remote sensing satellite and Navigation satellite). Taking the advantage of China’s Aerospace Technology, Piesat makes providing professional services and applications of domestic satellites as its own mission, consequently, it has independently developed products of PIE(Pixel Information Expert)offering the customers the whole solutions of Spatial information application. Piesat is headquartered in Beijing, and it has more than 500 employees, including a R & D team,which is consisted of doctors and masters working as software development and 3S technologies. There are more than ten regional offices in China,which construct a perfect and efficient marking and service system.

PIE Introduction

PIE(Pixel Information Expert)is a professional remote sensing image processing software that developed by Beijing Piesat CO. LTD.

PIE provides functions of remote sensing image processing, interpretation and information extraction for multi-source and multi-load (optical, radar, hyperspectral and so on).

It is a highly automatic, simple-to-use platform designed for remote sensing engineering applications.

Product System
PIE Characters

Developed independently, integrated many core techniques, self-owned intellectual properties.

Support for Chinese satellite data loading, preprocessing and information extraction excellently, including GF1/2, ZY3, ZY1-02C, HJ-1A/1B, FY1-4, HY1/2, etc.

Preprocessed efficiently and accurately.

Support for multi-language wizard extended development, such as C++, C# etc.

Supports main operating systems, such as Windows, Linux etc.

Product System
Product Capability

Supporting common raster format or vector data format, and supported data format can be expanded rapidly.

Loading big data fast, moving and zooming fluency.

Image enhancement scheme can be customized according to the satellites, sensors,seasons, regions and targets.

Atmospheric Correction: operate conveniently, correct Precisely, and run fast.

Geometric Correction: with various gross error elimination methods, the PIE can eliminate the errors completely and automatically.

Image Fusion: in order to reduce the color deviations, the Pansharp fusion technique conducting the bands best-matching through a least variance method .

Supporting complete interpretation tools, such as statistics, measure, annotation, vector, magic wand......

Supporting Cooperative Interpretation.

Template based thematic mapping.

PIE Applications