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FY-3 Monitoring Analysis and Remote Sensing Application System

Background and contents:

The FY-3 Monitoring analysis and remote sensing application system is an integrated application system that is consist of meteorological monitoring, analyzing and service. It offers an application support system for national and provincial meteorological bureau.This system can be used for unified management and displaying of various data, remote sensing image processing, remote sensing information extracting, geographic information applications, bespoke products producing, It also provides a specialized platform of remote sensing applications for professional and technicians. Features

Overall framework:
Features and advantages:

1) Monitoring analysis software platform of service: mainly provides remote sensing monitoring analysis and processing platform for technical personnel working in the national and provincial meteorology bureau. This platform can automatically generated various remote sensing monitoring products or generate in human-computer interaction way. At the same time, the platform achieves more powerful data processing, remote sensing image processing, geographic information processing ability, providing further analysis of remote sensing data and statistical tools for professional personnel.

2) Monitoring analysis service and product release software platform: mainly based on database and geographic information system, this platform realizes spatial database management to the remote sensing monitoring analysis and product, releases remote sensing monitoring products, provides user management and the analysis of various types of remote sensing monitoring service, such as product search, download, and provides users network services of remote sensing monitoring service and product.

3) Monitoring analysis server and support software platform: provide the database services, products generated by business system and data service for these two platforms; and provides computing power for the monitoring analysis service and products.


Remote sensing data storage framework

The task based monitoring and analyzing framework

Extensible monitoring analysis service framework

The remote sensing image processing technology based on GPU and multi-core computing system

The production of the satellite monitoring data processing and analysis

Data storage and management technology based on the integration of time and space

Three layer structure designing technology based on ORACLE database

Data base management and satellite data launch technology based on WEBGIS

The satellite data fast retrieval technology based on time and space

Display of the system: