Applications Based on PIE

Integrated Station-based Short-Term Weather
Forecast Platform

PIESAT Map-Based Flood Risk System for Real-time forecasting adopts advanced coupling workflow mechanism with meteorology and hydrology. The system is innovatively designed by three modes: atmosphere mode, surface runoff process mode and concentration of channel mode. It contains multiple functions including online model calculation, flood real-time forecasting, 3D risk management, program dynamic display, and disaster losses assessment.

High Spatiotemporal Resolution Numerical Weather
Prediction and Application System

PIESAT High Spatiotemporal Resolution Numerical Weather Prediction and Application System is an integrated numerical forecast and service platform that offers functions including meteorological data assimilation, numerical weather forecasting, radar data analysis, model post-processing, and model output statics. The system provides clients in various industries with high spatiotemporal resolution forecast products for specific region with specific forecasting constituents; it also generates high spatiotemporal resolution simulations and analysis for historical weather events. Therefore the system can meet various clients’ demands for accurate weather information at fixed time and location.

  • Improved mesoscale model and data assimilation system provide more accurate and stable numerical simulation and forecast in designated area.
  • Imbedded radar data interpretation module makes the most of radar data’s ability to capture disastrous weather information.
  • Extendable and customizable model post-processing techniques make it possible to meet various demands for weather forecast from different industries, like wind farm, water conservancy, roads and agriculture.

Features of High Spatiotemporal Resolution Numerical Weather Prediction and Application System

Spatial Analysis Cloud Platform

PIESAT Spatial Analysis Cloud Platform offers the demanding clients the online hardware and software processing resources for data stored on the cloud. The Platform can offer RS data storage and regular data processing, meanwhile, it can integrate multi-source data to provide the professional data processing functions, and offer the full-cycle, fully automatic service from data to products, which can achieve the Web based service for spatial information production.

  • Providing space-air-ground integrated data, including multi-source remote sensing data, ground survey data, thematic product data and 2D/3D browsing and download.
  • Providing services that match the industry needs, adopting wizard based data processing on the Cloud, which can solve the problems simply and easily.
  • Providing on line automatic and batch production for the thematic products.
  • Providing information services for public life, i.e., regional wheather forcast based on the geographical map, wheather forcast for certain route, environmental monitoring including atmospheric and aquatic environment.

Spatial Analysis Cloud Platform Services

Satellite Data Real-time System

PIESAT satellite data real-time system receives and process data from the state-of-the-art third generation meteorological satellite Himawari-8 to generate 3D cloud map, water vapor, visible cloud map, rainfall, cloud and fog monitoring, haze and sandstorm monitoring, as well as hazardous weather diagnosis and forecasting products. The system can significantly improve the accuracy of hazardous weather monitoring, and satisfy the needs for monitoring and forecasting product at fine temporal and spatial resolution from meteorological, forestry, electrical, and environmental departments.