Beijing PIESAT Information Technology Co., Ltd. (PIESAT for short) is a Chinese high-tech enterprise specializing in research and application of satellite technology (Remote sensing satellite and Navigation satellite). Founded in 2008, PIESAT keeps on providing professional services and applications of domestic satellites as its mission. PIESAT has independently developed software Pixel Information Expert (PIE), offering its clients integrated solution of geospatial information application.


PIESAT locates in Beijing and has branches and representative offices in 31 cities nationwide. PIESAT has more than 1000 employees, and has a strong R&D team of which over 80% are geomatics experts.


PIESAT has ISO9001 certification, CMMI L3 certification and AAA-level credit rating. It holds multiple patents, 9 software product registrations, and 89 software copyrights in RS image processing software, GIS software and geospatial information 3D visualization platform. With its expertise and experience in remote sensing, GIS, and BeiDou satellite navigation technology, PIESAT has undertaken or participated in a series of national key projects in meteorology, marine and maritime application, water resources management, environmental protection, emergency response and surveying and mapping.


PIESAT also provides IT project consulting service to national satellite projects and other industries. PIESAT provided consulting and design service to multiple satellite projects such as ZY-3, ZY-102C, environment satellite project and ocean satellite project. With the support of national technology development strategy and polices, PIESAT undertook 3 counts of National Key Technology Research and Development Program, one count of National High-tech R&D Program of China (aka “863” Program), participated in “High Resolution Earth Observation System” (a National Science and Technology Major Project of China), took lead in over 10 top-level design and software development projects across the industries.


In the fast growing domestic and international satellite operation service market, PIESAT will continue to innovate and improve its core competitiveness to thrive in and contribute to satellite application industry.