Company Introduction

Beijing Piesat Information technology Co., Ltd (namely “Beijing Piesat”) founded in 2008 is a high- tech enterprise that specializes in the search and application of satellite technology (Remote sensing satellite and Navigation satellite). Taking the advantage of China’s Aerospace Technology,Beijing Piesat makes providing professional services and applications of domestic satellites as its own mission, consequently, it has independently developed products of PIE(Pixel Information Expert)offering the customers the whole solutions of Spatial information application. The headquarter of Beijing Piesat is located in Beijing, and its staff is more than 500 including a R & D team consisting of doctors and masters studying software development and 3S.

Beijing Piesat has been granted lots of certifications, such as Quality system Certificate (ISO9001), CMMI L3 Certificate, credit AAA certificate. Meanwhile, it owns many software copyright (such as Remote sensing image and data processing software , Application service integration bus, Three dimensional visualization platform of spatial information, etc) and Invention patents. Beijing Piesat has developed China’s first Remote Sensing Cloud Platform through the combination of remote sensing technology and cloud computing technology. Beijing Piesat, taking the remote sensing, geographical information system and the Beidou navigation technology as its core parts and targeting such sectors as atmosphere and marine Meteorology, water conservancy and environmental protection,disaster mitigation,land surveying and mapping, etc, undertakes and participates in a series of national key projects.

At present stage, our company gives its priority to meteorology and water conservancy industry. Considering the market domestic and abroad, we are gonging to tap the meteorological service market. By combining the meteorology and water conservancy, our company manages to achieve the dynamical production of water risk map, the shared meteorological and hydrological data. The meteorological service, as one of our developing strategies, deserves our further input in future.

First step: Integrating the existing various data and techniques resources in meteorology, water conservancy, remote sensing. We will provide the tourism weather service, agriculture service. We are also developing the transportation, wind power service. Meanwhile, we plan to set food into equipment guarantee and offshore operation sector.

Second step: Expand the application and service of meteorological technology in energy, transportation, insurance, offshore operation. And taking advantage of modern meteorological observation, the Internet of things, the Internet technology provides service for all walks of life.

Considering the present situation of domestic meteorological service, we will endeavor to develop meteorological products, so as to meet customers’ demand and expand international market, such as south-east Asia (Vietnam, myanmar, the Philippines and Singapore) and Mongolia.